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in your License

Public License Fee: $6,000

Invitational Partners Fee: (Call for Details)

Effective Rate Breakdown: While our connected call rate is 17 cents per minute, this effectively translates to an attractive rate of just 6 cents per minute when averaged over dialed time. This means you get more value per minute of your actual conversations.

Natural, human-like voices

Unlimited Bots For Every Project

Unlimited Bots For Every Project

Support 98+ Languages

Always on 24/7

Voicemail Detection

Easy Integrations

Live Human Transfer

Real Time Analytics

1M+ Conversations Handled

Call Recordings and Notes

500 Calls per Minute

Experience the might of Generative AI, where every dial isn't just faster, but smarter. It's never been easier to scale your business beyond measure.

Appointment Booking

Delve into precision where every conversation seamlessly translates into booked appointments and immaculately qualified leads.

Plug into Any CRM!

Elevate your sales game. Seamlessly integrate and synchronize with any CRM, ensuring you're always a step ahead.

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Human Reps Cost You 833% More than Circle X... Think about it. Is the extra cost really worth it?

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