Reimagining Sales with AI-Driven Communication
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Experience unparalleled efficiency with for $497 per month, unlock advanced AI capabilities designed to revolutionize business communication. Our conversational AI elevates sales and customer interactions, making every conversation impactful. With flexible, usage-based pricing as low as 17 cents per minute, this investment in cutting-edge technology is both economical and strategically forward-thinking. Embrace a new era of productivity with, where innovation meets practicality.

Elevate Your Sales Game with AI

Embark on a journey into the future of sales engagement with Circle X's unparalleled Conversational AI. From the very first outreach to sealing the deal, every interaction becomes a valuable opportunity. Say goodbye to manual efforts, as our AI takes the reins, consistently delivering exceptional results and revolutionizing sales strategies across various industries. Below, we'll explore a few real-world use cases through three recorded calls:

Insurance Call

Mortgage Call

Real Estate Call

Debt Collections


All in One Features:

Harness the Power of AI in Sales – From First Contact to Final Deal

24/7, Always Active

With Circle, your sales force is always operational, ready to engage with leads anytime, any day.

Versatile and Multilingual

Engage in meaningful sales conversations in over 15 languages with Circle X's AI, opening doors to global opportunities.

Real Human-Like Voices

Circle X's AI mimics real human voices, creating trust and improving customer relations through genuine-interactions.

  • 500 Calls per minute

    Witness the power of Generative AI with Circle X: efficient and intelligent outreach like never before.

  • Efficient Appointment Scheduling

    Experience precision in every conversation, leading to scheduled appointments and thoroughly qualified leads.

  • Plug, Play & Excel with Any CRM

    Upgrade your sales strategy. Integrate seamlessly with any CRM system, staying ahead of the curve.

Human Reps Cost You 833% More than Circle X... Think about it. Is the extra cost really worth it?

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