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For Businesses

Turn Your Dormant Leads into Revenue

Struggling with leads that just sit in your database? Partner with Circle X and transform those untapped opportunities into a valuable revenue stream

Benefits for Your Business

  • No Additional Effort Required: Let Circle X Data Miners work their magic on your existing leads.

  • New Revenue Streams: Earn a share of the profits generated from converted leads.

  • Focus on Core Business: Free up your resources and focus on what you do best, while we handle the lead conversion.

The Process

Submit Your Lead Brief

Step 1: Visit the Circle X platform and fill out a simple form with details about your business and the leads you have.

Step 2: Provide a compelling brief about your leads. The more enticing and detailed your information, the more likely it is to attract expert miners.

Step 3. Set your preferred revenue share terms and agree to the terms of service.

Result: Once submitted, your leads are made available to our network of skilled Data Miners, and you'll start receiving qualified leads automatically.

For Circle X Prompt Engineers

A New Avenue for Your Expertise

Are you skilled in data analysis, marketing, or AI? Become a Circle X Builder and gain access to a wealth of untapped leads ready for conversion.

Benefits for Your Business

  • Access to Quality Leads: Tap into a pool of pre-collected leads without the hassle of generating them yourself.

  • Revenue Opportunities: Earn a significant share of the profits from successful lead conversions.

  • Supportive Tools & Analytics: Leverage our advanced platform to track, analyze, and optimize your strategies.

The Process

Get Started with Circle X:

Step 1: Obtain your Circle X license, or partner with a license holder. This is your entry ticket to accessing a wide range of leads and campaigns.

Step 2: Dive into our Discord community to educate yourself, test strategies, and iterate on your approach. This is where you master your skillset.

Step 3: Choose a campaign that aligns with your interests and expertise. Build your bot, run the data, and start the lead conversion process.

Result: You earn a share of the revenue generated from any successful conversions you facilitate for the business.

The Circle X Platform: Where Data Meets Opportunity

The Circle X platform is the heart of this program, seamlessly connecting businesses with data miners and ensuring a smooth, secure, and efficient lead exchange process.

Platform Features:

Secure Lead Distribution: Ensures safe and equitable distribution of leads to data miners. Real-Time Tracking & Analytics: Monitor the progress and success of lead conversion strategies. Compliance and Security: We prioritize data privacy and adhere strictly to legal standards.

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Key Industry Statistics

AI's Earnings Impact: "Organizations leveraging AI, including generative AI, attribute 20% of their 2022 EBIT to AI applications." (McKinsey, 2023)

Voice Tech in Business: "In 2023, 82% of businesses use voice technology, with two-thirds deeming it essential for future strategy." (Deepgram, 2023)

Generative AI Market Growth: "Generative AI software held a 64.8% revenue share in 2022, indicating rapid market expansion." (Gadget Advisor, 2023)

Generative AI Economic Value: "Generative AI could contribute $2.6 to $4.4 trillion annually across various sectors." (Gadget Advisor, 2023)

AI in Healthcare: "The healthcare AI market is projected to reach $188 billion by 2030, automating up to 73% of administrative tasks." (AI Operator, 2023)

AI in Marketing and Customer Service: "AI market in marketing estimated to exceed $40 billion by 2025; AI chatbots to power 95% of customer interactions." (AI Operator, 2023)

AI in Financial Services: "56% of financial services firms use AI in risk management; AI fintech market to hit $22.6 billion by 2025." (AI Operator, 2023)

AI's North American Dominance: "80% of U.S. small business owners are optimistic about AI; North America leads in AI innovation." (Fortune Business Insights, 2023)

Generative AI Adoption by Industry: "U.S. adoption rate of generative AI in 2023: 37% in marketing, 35% in technology, 30% in consulting." (Gadget Advisor, 2023)

AI's Role in Employment: "Rise in generative AI adoption creates new job roles, such as prompt engineering." (McKinsey, 2023)

Telephone Call Centers Market: "Market size expected to reach $149.55 billion in 2023, growing at 3.1% CAGR." (GlobeNewswire, 2023)

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